GDE in Go

I came across an exciting project called Google Developer Experts. According to the official website, this is a group of “experienced Google technology experts, influencers, and thought leaders.”

I learned about the project because several people I admire are part of it. I’ve been using Go as my primary language for the last few years and contributing to the community through posts, talks, and events. So, it was worth a try.

The process starts with a recommendation from another person who is already a GDE; in my case, it was the incredible Loiane Groner. With this indication, the next step was to report all the posts, talks, and events I did last year and the number of people they impacted. Once this step was over, the next two were interviews, one with another Go GDE and the final with a person from Google.

Once the process was complete, the news came that I had been accepted as an Expert in the Go language. I was very honored to be on this list of professionals.

Now it’s time to continue doing what I love: producing texts and talks, organizing events, and writing code in the gopher language. :)

Special thanks to Loiane and Tiago Temporin, a GDE in Go who gave me essential tips. And to everyone who consumed my content, I only achieved this feat thanks to your contribution.